About Me

Who is Anne?

An Award-Winning Registered Nutritionist and Weight Loss Health Coach BSc (Hons), MSc DIP (ION) mBANT CNHC helping people transform their weight, health & life also she’s known as the leading expert for healthy eating. Has been a guest on inspirational breakfast radio shows and cancer charity events giving advice on healthy eating.

My mission in life is to change the way people view food and to help them break away from constant yo-yo dieting. I want to change people’s focus from eating for weight to eating for health helping them become the person they most want to be.

I believe if you take the time to take care of you from within, it will set you on a path to optimal health. I have seen these changes in my clients and I would love to invite you to do the same, so you too will look and feel amazing!

One of the things I’m often asked is how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle?

I remember trying everything with my first client to help them lose weight, be the right weight for them and be confident in their own skin but nothing was working. I was so frustrated and unhappy with not getting results.

I discovered a major breakthrough in what I was doing “wrong” and followed 5 simple steps. I got amazing results for myself and my clients

I truly believe if you follow the Slim4life body program you can achieve the health and body you always dream of.

Yes, this program is an investment but most importantly your health should be your top priority, we only have one body and no replacement.

I am committed to helping you get results and reaching your goals. You will feel full, revitalized, energized and satisfied-and in control of your life and body again.

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